About Us

What is Goal2025? 

Goal2025 is a national movement and the statewide degree attainment goal in Florida. The goal: to increase the percentage of Florida residents with a high-quality degree or credential to 60% by 2025.

Why does Goal2025 matter?

“The vast majority of new jobs require higher skills, and if you don’t have a college degree, your chances of being in the middle class are visibly diminished.” Jamie P. Merisotis, President and CEO, Lumina Foundation

What roles do communities play in helping reach Goal 2025?

Every city and county in Florida has a role to play to help reach Goal 2025. Mayors, community foundations, local education foundations, businesses, non-profits, and other sectors can work collaboratively to enhance what are education institutions are doing to serve students, accelerate college degree attainment, and to help meet future economic demand.

How does FloridaGoal2025.org help you? 

FloridaGoal2025.org provides an overarching framework for messaging and action to advance higher education attainment in Florida. FloridaGoal2025.org provides you with access to state-specific data and information, best practices, consultation and an array of other supports that will help you build your plan to help Florida reach the Big Goal.